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Articles: Johannesburg Day Tours

Johannesburg day tours let you rediscover the true beauty of the city

When most people think of Johannesburg, the picture they conjure up is that of a grey city filled to the brim with bustling crowds, all rushing to get to work, get to a meeting, or to get home again. It is after all the economic hub of South Africa and, in fact, Africa. What people don't realise, however, is that this city is alive with spirit, a vibrant energy that keeps it alive, and in its confines it hides a plethora of destinations that embodies its magical side. A rich culture that is filled with beauty, fun, excitement and downright splendour. And you can discover this wonderland through a series of Johannesburg day tours.

Johannesburg has the discovery of gold in the region to thank for its birth. Located on the mineral-rich Witwatersrand range of hills, the gold rush transformed this initial small mining settlement into what is today considered by many as the heart of Africa. You can follow this history and progression at the Museum Africa, which also houses the largest rock art collection in the world. Johannesburg day tours will also take you through the bustling neighbourhood of Hillbrow, the Carlton Tower – the tallest building in Africa, the Bohemian style architecture of Melville with its numerous restaurants and bars, the opulent homes in Houghton, and Constitution Hill, built on the Old Fort Prison, where both Nelson Mandela and Ghandi were incarcerated.

Or break away from the confines of the city and explore the surrounding areas which are equally magnificent. Visit Soweto, the birthplace of the apartheid struggle, entertain the whole family at Gold Reef City, or visit a game park or even the Cradle of Humankind.

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